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When my son was 24, I lost him in a motorcycle accident. He had his whole life in front of him. I felt over-whelming grief like any mother would, and often wondered how I would continue to live this life or if I even wanted to continue to live. When he started communicating to me from the other side, and he knew my exact thoughts about not wanting to continue this life, he knew that I could start healing others with his help. And that is what we started doing. I was able to heal this devastating loss. I began delivering messages with his help to the living, from their departed loved ones. My work in the medical field has allowed me to bring peace and comfort from the distressing loss of loved ones. You can expect completion and closure so you can move on in your life, receiving messages from lost, loved ones.


I practice my work as an Ordained Minister, licensed with the Universal Brotherhood Movement Head-quartered in Florida for over thirty years. I feel blessed to be able to help others with this gift. 

I enjoy spending time with my granddaughter. I love camping, being out in nature and animals.

I was recently able to fulfil a dream of having a photo shoot with wolves at Wolf Creek Habitat, located in Brookville Indiana.

I am now also currently writing a book about the loss of my child in the hopes that it will also help others with the loss of a loved one.  

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