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My services include Medium Readings, Clearings and Energy Healing.

My brother, Gregory Possman, a trance channel and I work as a team. Together we  clear lost souls that have not left the earth plane. We work efficiently as a team. I am contacted by the souls, I speak and feel their pain. Gregory channels the soul and we then guide them into the light.  By blending our gifts,   an intense clearing experience occurs. We have successfully cleared a Mountain Resort in NC., an old cemetery in Asheville NC, souls from rivers, a church in Cades Cove, Tennessee, battlefields and prisoner of war camps including Andersonville prison of  war camp in Georgia, and many buildings in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. We have also cleared Native American land and events.  If you want paranormal activity cleared, Please email either one of us.   

Memorial Day weekend 2019, I had the honor of assisting souls to the other side at a military cemetery.

I enjoy taking photos and adding my own motivational statements to them for positive healing. I do sell these if you would like to view them on my gallery page.  I have also started a book on  my experience of loosing a child.

To schedule a reading

www.spiritsoul24@gmail.com or book on website calendar 

This is a picture that was taken by a very special person in Patrick's life. The picture is taken at the Sarasota National Cemetery where his ashes reside. The poem was written by me. 

My Brother, Rev. Dr.

Gregory Possman